Year 11

Module 2: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry

Module 2 for Preliminary Chemistry.

Module 4: Drivers of Reactions

Module 4 for Preliminary Chemistry.

Physics: Waves - Topic Review

Table of Contents Wave Properties Mechanical Waves Measuring Mechanical Waves Definitions Medium: the material through which a wave travels Wave Properties Vibrating objects transfer energy through waves Waves are classified by what they move through There are two types: mechanical and electromagnetic Mechanical Waves Mechanical waves transfer energy through vibrations in a medium Examples include water, sound and wind A wave can be a single pulse, or continuous Waves only transfer energy from one point to another.

Core Module: Nature of Religion and Belief Systems

Core Module of Preliminary Studies of Religion

Depth Study: Christianity

Christianity Depth Study for Studies of Religion

Depth Study: Judaism

Judaism Depth Study for Studies of Religion

Modern History: World War 1

Investigating the forces and ideas that have shaped the modern world.

Exponents and Logarithms

Exponents and Logarithms for 2U and 3U Mathematics.

English Literature: Basic Plots

Summary of the basic plots in English literature.

Chemistry Module 3: Reactive Chemistry

Table of Contents Types of Reactions Decomposition Reactions Combustion Reactions Precipitation Reactions Corrosion Reactions Acids and Bases Redox Reactions Reactivity Series Rates of Reaction Activation Energy $(E_a )$ View Chemistry Syllabus View Chemistry Data Sheet