Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities

Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities (SOR Core 1)


Judaism Depth Study for SOR.

Religious Expression in Australia - 1945 to the Present

Religious Expression in Australia 1945 to the Present

SOR HSC Consolidation

Consolidation of all Studies of Religion HSC content.

SOR1: Changing Patterns of Religious Adherence in Australia

Christianity as the Major Religious Tradition Since 1947, the patterns of religious adherence have been steadily changing, as shown in the Australian census The First Fleet established Christianity (specifically Anglicanism and, to some extent, Catholicism) in Australia in 1788

SOR1: Moses Maimonides - Guide for the Perplexed

Table of Contents What is it? Context Purpose Audience Contents Book One (Moreh Nevukhim) Book 2 Book III Impact Moses Maimonides Series What is it?

Core Module: Nature of Religion and Belief Systems

Core Module of Preliminary Studies of Religion

Depth Study: Christianity

Christianity Depth Study for Studies of Religion

Depth Study: Judaism

Judaism Depth Study for Studies of Religion

Jewish Marriage

Aufruf “Calling up” of the groom to read the Torah Occurs during Shabbat 1 week before the wedding In progressive Judaism, both the bride and groom read from the Torah Mikveh Orthodox Jewish women visit the Mikveh pool Form of ritual purification before marriage Occurs one week before the wedding Badeken “Veiling of the bride” First time the ChatanGroom and KallahBride see each other on the wedding day Chuppah Chatan and Kallah approach the ChuppahA canopy supported by 4 poles or attendants with their parents after signing the KetubahJewish marriage contract Remainder of the ceremony occurs under the Chuppah Circling of the Groom Kallah circles the chatan 7 times Symbolises the breaking down of walls between the couple Birkat Erusin Initial blessings are said over wine Performed by rabbi or family member After the blessings, the Chatan and Kallah drink from the wine Ring The chatan places a ring on the finger of the kallah Chatan says: “Behold you are sanctified (betrothed) to me with this ring, according to the Law of Moses and Israel.