Jewish Marriage


  • “Calling up” of the groom to read the Torah
  • Occurs during Shabbat 1 week before the wedding
  • In progressive Judaism, both the bride and groom read from the Torah


  • Orthodox Jewish women visit the Mikveh pool
  • Form of ritual purification before marriage
  • Occurs one week before the wedding


  • “Veiling of the bride”
  • First time the
    see each other on the wedding day


  • Chatan and Kallah approach the
    ChuppahA canopy supported by 4 poles or attendants
    with their parents after signing the
    KetubahJewish marriage contract
  • Remainder of the ceremony occurs under the Chuppah

Circling of the Groom

  • Kallah circles the chatan 7 times
  • Symbolises the breaking down of walls between the couple

Birkat Erusin

  • Initial blessings are said over wine
  • Performed by rabbi or family member
  • After the blessings, the Chatan and Kallah drink from the wine


  • The chatan places a ring on the finger of the kallah
  • Chatan says:

“Behold you are sanctified (betrothed) to me with this ring, according to the Law of Moses and Israel.”

Reading of the Ketubah

  • The
    KetubahJewish marriage contract
    is read aloud to those gathered

Sheva Berakhot

  • “Seven Blessings”
  • Formalises
    NisuinElevation to full marriage
  • After the blessings are read, the chatan and kallah drink from the same cup

Breaking Of The Glass

  • The glass from the Sheva Berakhot is wrapped in a cloth and broken under the foot of the chatan
  • Serves as a reminder that even in great times, the couple will encounter strife
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