SOR1 - Sacred Texts Of Christianity

Books of the Bible

  • The Bible can be broken down into 2 parts:
    • Old Testament: Hebrew Bible consisting of the 24 books of the TaNaKh (can be divided into Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim)
      • Also contains the Apocrypha/Deuterocanon, which are disputed books (Catholics and Orthodox recognise these books as part of the Bible, Protestants do not)
    • New Testament: 27 books about the life and actions of Jesus, consists of 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), followed by the Acts of the Apostles, then the 21 Epistles (Letters) and the Book of Revelation.
  • Note: Jesus did not exist in the Old Testament because he was NOT BORN YET!!!

Why is the Bible important for Christians?

  • Allows Christians to form a foundation of their relationship with God
    • Reinforcing Passage: Deuteronomy 6:7
  • Provides a model for ethics and behavior (Mostly through the actions and words of Jesus in the New Testament)
    • Reinforcing Passage: Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount)
  • Enables spiritual education
    • Reinforcing Passage: Ephesians 6:4
  • Facilitates/enables public and private worship
    • Reinforcing Passage: Psalm 149:1-9

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