SOR1: Moses Maimonides - Overview

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  • Born in 1136
  • Sephardi Jew (Jew from Spain)
  • Father was a Judge and was well-versed in the Torah
  • Maimonides was taught the Jewish religion, as well as science and secular philosophy, by his father
    • These areas of study dominated his life

Historical, Religious and Social Context

  • Exiled from Spain in 1148 to Fustat, Egypt (near Cairo)
  • Brother traded precious stones after his father’s passing
  • Brother was lost at sea, along with a large portion of the family fortune
  • Appointed Chief Rabbi of Egypt in around 1171
  • Appointed as the Royal Physician at the Court of the Sultan in 1183
    • Responsible for the health of Grand Vizier Alfadel, as well as other members of the royal family
  • Passed away in 1204 at the age of 69
  • Laid to rest in Tiberias, North Israel

Moses Maimonides Series

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