SOR1: Moses Maimonides - Commentary on the Mishnah

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What is it?

  • A comprehensive commentary on each discussion in the Mishnah
    • Summarises Talmudic discussions


  • Necessary for Jews to understand the Mishnah in an Islam-dominated world, and to understand Halachah and the Mishnah


  • To assist Diaspora Jews in understanding the Written law of Judaism

Language: Arabic


  • Diaspora Jews and everyday Adherents


  • Maimonides believed that it was necessary for everyday Jewish adherents to understand the Mishnah in order to understand the Halachah
  • Written in Arabic to assist Jews living in an Islamic-dominated world
  • Summarised the Talmudic discussions
  • Clarified the final Halachic decisions within the Mishnah
  • Structured as a TL;DR, followed by a lengthier explanation

EFFECT: Allowed for a more practical application of Jewish Law


"I believe by complete faith that the Creator, blessed be His name, is the Creator and Guide for all created beings. He alone made, makes and will make all that is created." - Principle 1
"I believe by complete faith that the prophecy by Moses our teacher, may peace rest upon him, was true and that he was the father of all prophets that preceded him as well as all that came after him." - Principle 7


  • The Mishnah was written in an unfamiliar style/language → summarised each tractate of the Mishnah in Arabic
  • The Mishnah was not accessible to everyday Jews, only to Rabbis, Talmudists and Scholars → Explained the meaning of each Mishnah, and the application of each Mitzvah in context
  • IMPACT: Made Judaism more applicable and relevant to the everyday Jew
    • Provides a link between learning the Torah and putting it in practice by providing comprehensive commentary on each of the tractates of the Mishnah
    • Cuts through rabbinical discourse in presenting the Final Decision
    • Can be found appended to every complete edition of the Talmud

Moses Maimonides Series

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