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This is a testing page for the CMS and site render engine. If stuff breaks, we check this page to see if it’s a site-wide issue.

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graph TD
    B[Are Repeated Vertices Allowed?]
    B -->| Yes | C[Are Repeated Edges Allowed?]
    B -->| No | D[Are Repeated Edges Allowed?]
    C -->|Yes| E[Walk]
    C -->|No| F[Trail]
    D -->|Yes| G[Circuit]
    D -->|No| H[Can the First and Last vertex be the same?]
    H -->|Yes| I[Cycle]
    H -->|No| J[Path]

Math ($\LaTeX$)

$$\begin{gather*}\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid orange]{\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid red]{\text{Strong BL Acid}}\text{ + Water}}\rightarrow\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid pink]{\text{Hydronium +}\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid green]{\text{Weak BL Base}}} \\ \bbox[5px, border: 2px solid orange]{\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid red]{\ce{HCl(aq)}} \ce{+H2O(l)}}\ce{->}\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid pink]{\ce{H3O+(aq) +}\bbox[5px, border: 2px solid green]{\ce{Cl-(aq)}}} \\ \bbox[5px, border: 2px solid orange]{0\text{%}}\longrightarrow \bbox[5px, border: 2px solid pink]{100\text{%}}\end{gather*}$$

col 3 isCringe$1600
col 2 isleft aligned?$12
zebra stripesare neat$1

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