Improving Productivity 3 - Consistency and the Rhythmic Philosophy

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As the adage goes, “consistency is key”. There’s no way to get any productivity method to work without being consistent over time. We’ve got stuff coming up about how to better retain information, but you’ll realise that most of the methods rely on rote memorisation techniques which require repetition over extended periods of time.

Rhythmic Philosophy

This method only works for some people, so your mileage may vary for this one.

The idea of this method is to create a sort of looping pattern of communication between past, present, and future you, by regularly writing your thoughts in a notebook (or the notes app on your phone if you prefer), and regularly going back and reading it over time. CGP Grey has a great clip in his Meme Edition Q&A which explains it far better than anything I’m able to do here.


That’s about all I’m got for this stuff (and I’m still not over the sources thing from part 1), so I’m gonna take a short break before continuing this series. In the mean time, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected], or leave a comment below!

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