Science: Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

  • Average Speed: distance travelled per unit of time (m/s)
  • Velocity: displacement per unit of time (m/s)
  • Average Speed is SCALAR, while velocity is a VECTOR

Distance-Speed-Time Triangles

Image of a DST Triangle

  • Usage:
    • Average Speed \(=\) Distance \(\div\) Time
    • Distance \(=\) Average Speed \(\times\) Time
    • Time \(=\) Distance \(\div\) Average Speed


  • Acceleration is the rate at which an object’s velocity CHANGES
  • Acceleration is measured in \(m/s^2\) (metres per second squared)
  • Acceleration can be found by dividing the applied force by the mass of the object
    • \(a = F/m\)
      Image of an Acceleration Triangle
  • Acceleration is a VECTOR quantity.
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