Introduction to trigonometry for standard math.

RESOURCE: Annotated Reference Sheet

Annotated version of the standard math formula sheet.

Mathematics Extension 1: Trigonometry

Table of Contents Unit Circle Sum-Difference Identities Cosine Sine Tangent Double Angle Identities Sine Cosine Tangent Product Identities Cosine-Cosine Sine-Sine Sine-Cosine Cosine-Sine T-Formulae Inverse Trigonometric Functions Notation $y=\sin^{-1}(x)$ $y=\cos^{-1}(x)$ $y=\tan^{-1}(x)$ Properties That’s all of Extension 1 Trigonometry (for year 11, anyway).

Mathematics Advanced: Trigonometric Functions

Table of Contents Radians Radians Mnemonic Sine and Cosine Rule Sine Rule Cosine Rule Radians Radians are a fundamental component of year 11 and 12 Trigonometry They are another unit for angle, like degrees They can be calculated from degrees using the following formula: \(\color{lightblue}{Radians = Degrees\cdot \frac{180}{\pi}}\)