Mathematics Advanced

Mathematics Advanced: Graphs and Equations

Module 3 for Mathematics Advanced (HSC)

Mathematics Advanced: Financial Mathematics

Module 2 for Mathematics Advanced (HSC)

Mathematics Advanced: Sequences and Series

Module 1 for Mathematics Advanced (HSC)

Mathematics: Introduction to Calculus

Table of Contents Derivation Rules (Copy into notes) Common Graphs First Principle Shortcuts for the First Princple Graphing Derivatives Chain Rule Steps Product Rule (UWU Rule) Steps Quotient Rule Example Question Differentiating Sine, Cosine, and Tangent equations TL;DR The Long Version $ \newcommand{\ddx}[1]{\frac{d #1}{dx}} $

Mathematics Advanced: Trigonometric Functions

Table of Contents Radians Radians Mnemonic Sine and Cosine Rule Sine Rule Cosine Rule Radians Radians are a fundamental component of year 11 and 12 Trigonometry They are another unit for angle, like degrees They can be calculated from degrees using the following formula: \(\color{lightblue}{Radians = Degrees\cdot \frac{180}{\pi}}\)