Writing Guide

How to Write Posts

Not following these rules will result in your post not being posted!!!


  • Learn basic Markdown formatting.

Formatting Rules:

  • Header Block:
    • Title should be structured as: Subject - Topic - Year Level (optional)
    • For example: SOR1 - Core Ethical Teachings of Judaism - Year 11
    • If you are a writer for the site, you will be provided with a writer ID. In the header of each post, add the line discussionId: writer_id-post_number
    • For example: W1234-P10 where W1234 is the writer ID and P10 is the 10th post by that writer.
    • Anonymous posts should use writer ID WA1 with no post number. A post number will be assigned randomly after moderation. Identified writers will only be moderated for the first post, and randomly after that.
  • Post Contents:
    • Syllabus points and learning intentions should be placed at the end of the post (Optional but recommended)
    • Subheadings start from h2 (##). Every sub-sub heading should have another # added to it.
      • For example, on this page, How to write posts is h2 (##). Formatting Rules is h3 (###). More #’s means another sub-topic.
      • If a component has 3 or more subheadings, it should probably be a separate post.
    • Break down the information into dot points (i.e. lines should start with a dash - or an asterisk *).
    • No more than 2 sentences per dot point.
    • You CAN stack points by indenting them (add a space before the dash/asterisk).
      • If a point has more than 3 indents, it should probably have its own heading.
      • Stacked points can be used to elaborate or define key points/terms (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    • Images/diagrams can be used, and are recommended for subjects such as sciences, math and TAS subjects (Art, music, technology, STEM, etc.)
    • Include a table of definitions and Subject-Specific Terminology (If needed) at the end of the post. Also include your name and best contact email. (See sample Markdown document)
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