## Science - Genetics
Term Definition
Allele Any of the possible forms of a gene, e.g. Tall/short
Genotype The combination of alleles/genes in a chromosomal pair
Phenotype The visible trait caused by a genotype
Homozygous Alleles Both chromosomes for a trait have the same allele (Both Dominant or both recessive)
Heterozygous Alleles One chromosome has the Dominant allele, while the other has the recessive allele. An organism with Heterozygous Alleles will display the characteristics of the Dominant allele.
Mitosis The process by which one parent cell splits into two identical daughter cells.
Haploid A cell with half the usual number of chromosomes. Usually only occurs in sex cells (sperm and ova). Represented as n (n=23 in humans)
Diploid A cell with the usual number of chromosomes. represented as 2n (2n=46 in humans)
Meiosis The process by which one diploid parent cell splits into 4 haploid daughter cells.
## SOR1 - Sacred Texts of Judaism
Term Definition
TaNaKh Hebrew Bible. Consists of 24 books.
Torah First 5 books of the TaNaKh, means "teachings" or "The Law"
Nevi'im Books 6-13 of the TaNaKh, means "Prophets". Contains the teachings of the 7 Major and 12 Minor Prophets.
Ketuvim Books 14-24 of the TaNaKh, means "Writings". Contains narrations believed to be written under Divine Inspiration.
Talmud A Legal commentary on the TaNaKh, explaining how its commandments are to be lived out. Consists of 2 books.
Mishnah The Mishnah is the Oral Law. It includes lessons and quotations from sages, scholars and rabbis. Core text of the Talmud.
Gemara An expansion to the Mishnah, contains Halachah.
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