Welcome to HSCOne Version 3.5!!!

Blog post about the updates to our site.

Hi guys, welcome to the new version of HSCOne! While we’re still using the same codebase as 2020, we’ve made some pretty major changes in order to improve useability, and just make things better for you.

New Authors

Before we talk about anything else, we’d like to introduce two new authors who will be working on building resources for you: Chloe and Vishnu.

Chloe Roose

  • Chloe is an extension 2 English student, and an amazing artist.
  • Her focus will mainly be on English and Art, but she’s also working with us on the biology and upcoming extension science content!
  • She also designed the new site logo, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Find out more about her here.

Vishnu Reddy

  • Vishnu is a 4-science student, and completely insane.
  • In addition to helping update our existing physics, chemistry, and biology. content, he’s also introducing Earth and Environmental Science to our collection of science fields.
  • His work on our backend code is a major reason we decided to release this “version” of the site.

Find out more about him here.

We’re still looking for more writers! If you have content for HSIE or Technology courses, send us an email at [email protected]

So what else is new?

  • First off, we’ve managed to restructure all of our existing posts to the new “docs” format
  • What this means for you is that notes and resources for all of your subjects are now easily accessible in one place: here.
    • If you’re wondering if we broke all your bookmarks again, fear not. All your old bookmarks will still work, but no new posts will be made using the old scheme, and old posts won’t be updated anymore.
  • In addition, a new logo means we’re finally able to turn our site into a desktop app.
  • Also, you should notice major speed improvements, as we’ve updated RocketLauncher, minified all our assets, and halved the amount of external queries.
    • In English: We made things go fast 🙄
  • We’ve updated the homepage so that you get to the new content, rather than seeing the old post style content.
  • We finally got around to setting up a Patreon, so if you appreciate what we do, please join us at https://patreon.com/hscone/

And yeah, that’s about it for the important stuff! Take a peek at the blog page once in a while to see the latest updates on the site. Thanks for all your support!

Pranav Sharma
Pranav Sharma
Site Owner

UNSW Student, site owner and developer.

Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor
Post Writer

2021 Graduate, UNSW Medicine first year.