Religion And Beliefs in Australia post-1945

SOR1: Religion And Beliefs in Australia post-1945

Contemporary Aboriginal Spirituality Aboriginal Spirituality as Determined by the Dreaming Discuss how Aboriginal spirituality is determined by the Dreaming Kinship The Dreaming – underpins all aspects of Aboriginal spirituality and traditional life Kinship – fabric of traditional Aboriginal society – everyone is related through the complex web of the Dreaming Totems: Tribes are made up of clans, each descended from a spirit ancestor Totem – a natural part of the region the clan originated from Represents the ongoing life force of the Dreaming – are used at ceremonies Unifies the clan under the spirit ancestor and creates a metaphysical connection with other clans bearing the same totem Transcendent bond between humans and their totem as well as a Dreaming kinship with other individuals bearing the same totem Spirit ancestors: Expect the members of these kinship groups to fulfil certain obligations Required to obey tribal laws and beliefs and to subordinate individual interests to the greater good of the community Reciprocal network of giving and receiving of right and obligations Expect the knowledge will be passed down through the tribe Require the kinship group to act as custodians of designated territory and totems Ceremonial life